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Seagull Calling! - £45.00 - £125.00

Seagull Calling!

  • Format: High quality fine artist canvas, hand stretched over a 38mm deep wooden frame.  

  • UV Resistant.  

  • Image Code: BB0622.  

  • Location: Jurassic Coastline, Budleigh Beach, Devon.  

He certainly was “Calling” when I captured this shot. A kind fisherman saw me trying to photograph the seagulls who were happily bobbing away from me whenever i got near and beckoned me down to the shoreline. He then proceeded to empty his fish guts over the pebbles from the days catch. This instantly drew in all the seagulls, who rapidly lost interest in me, to fight for their dinner! The noise was incredable, and this shot I feel sums up the emotion perfectly. On a lighter note, sits well with pale greys and beige in a room!